La french Riviera

Studio by Miraval 2018

The vintage

The 2018 vintage is a ray of Provencal sunshine, thanks to the region’s particularly generous climate and nature. The rains at the beginning of the season meant the vines were well-prepared and grew healthily in the spring. This is an exacting time during which we need to be constantly in the vineyard, keeping an eye on things, and the work is painstaking and meticulous. The warm and sunny summer we then enjoyed in Provence enabled the grapes to mature perfectly and harvesting conditions were ideal. This 2018 vintage is a rich one indeed, full of fruit and a fine freshness.


Coming from plots on the French Riviera, surrounded by olive trees
and pine trees, Studio by Miraval is strongly influenced by the sea
sprays and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. These salty soils
give the wine a unique character and an almost iodized finish.


All the varieties are vinified by direct pressing. The Cinsault
and Tibouren in Stainless steel vats. The Grenache &
Rolle are partially vinified in tulip-shaped concrete vats
with a rounded bottom. This ovoid shape gives rise to a
natural convection movement that suspends the lees
creating the same effect as a batonnage and gives the
wine a lot of structure.

Tasting notes

Very pale pink colour.
Nose of fresh fruit and citrus fruit.
Fleshy palate with notes of citrus and white flowers and
iodized finish.


Cinsault Grenache Rolle Tibouren